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Eminent Faculty Awards

Every year, the University honors faculty members for their outstanding efforts in teaching, research and service learning outreach with the Eminent Faculty Awards. This year, the UL Lafayette Foundation is honoring the five recipients below. 

2022 Eminent Faculty Award Recipients

Distinguished Professor Award Recipients

Dr. Afef FekihDr. Afef Fekih
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Harold J. Callais Memorial Board of Regents Professorship in Electrical & Computer Engineering
O’Krepki Board of Regents Professorship in Telecommunications


Dr. Emily SandozDr. Emily Sandoz
Professor of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Emma Louise LeBlanc Burguieres Board of Regents Professorship in Social Sciences



Dr. Ray P. Authement Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients

Sarah YoungSarah Young
Associate Professor of Architecture and Design
College of the Arts


Dr. Philip AuterDr. Philip Auter
Professor of Communication
College of Liberal Arts
Hubert J. Bourgeois Professorship in Communications



Leadership Service Award Recipient

Dr. Emad HabibDr. Emad Habib
Professor of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Alex & Loretta Durand Theriot, Jr. Board of Regents Chair in Civil Engineering