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Our Commitment


The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of educational, social, moral, and material welfare of the University through assisting in the acquisition of donations, the stewardship of donors, and the management of funds. We accomplish this mission by:

  • Offering support for the University body by extending the value of each donation it receives to the fullest extent.
  • Investing and distributing privately held funds proportionately to the University to supplement overall programming costs.
  • Coordinating all legal aspects of donations including acts of donation, gift annuities, successions and other planned gift documents, and gift acceptance policies.


Our fundraising activities:

  • Support the overall advancement mission of the University.
  • Provide opportunities for students to earn a world-class education.
  • Involve alumni, donors, and friends in strengthening our University.

Our donors have a right to:

  • Appropriate acknowledgement for their contributions through publications and recognition programs.
  • Reports on the activity and use of their gifts.
  • Protection of their confidential information from improper or careless use.

Our staff:

  • Recognize, honor, and carry out the intentions of our donors.
  • Apply our efforts to proven principles of sound management and careful stewardship.
  • Practice the values of honor, integrity, responsibility, and trust.