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Donor Impact & Recognition

In the fiscal year 2022-23, you and 6,800+ fellow donors pledged $40.0 million to the University’s programs in support of students, faculty, programs, and facilities. By linking your passions with your philanthropy, you are powering the work that our students, faculty, and staff do every day. The impact of your giving will be felt for years to come. Through your support, you are already advancing our University in the following ways:

You are enhancing the student experience

By investing in both undergraduate and graduate scholarships, you are creating new futures and making college more accessible to students. During 2022-23, $2.7 million in scholarships from private dollars were awarded to 1,260 recipients.

You are expanding our impact — everywhere

You are driving world-changing research from faculty and students by providing resources for crucial and high-demand programs. You are supporting the University’s faculty, students, and staff as they work to improve health care, public policy, cybersecurity, engineering technology, and sustainability.

You are paving the way for future generations

Not only are you helping to create a future for our students, but you are also inspiring a new generation of donors to support our University. State funding is less than half of what it was a decade ago, and donor support is more critical than ever. Your gifts inspire those who look to connect their passions with the goals of our University.

Thank you for your partnership and for choosing to invest in UL Lafayette.