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Distinguished Professor Award Recipients

Dr. Jamal Khattak

Professor of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering

M. Eloi Girard BORSF Professorship in Engineering II
McDermott Intl., Inc. BORSF Professorship in Engineering

Khattak holds the McDermott International and the M. Eloi Girard BORSF professorships in engineering. He was instrumental in the creation of the University’s Infrastructure and Transportation Materials Laboratory and a sustained research program in pavement engineering. His research in areas such as pavement performance and design and infrastructure and transportation materials has helped public officials develop and improve standards for road repair and design.


Dr. Radhey Srivastava

Professor of Chemistry
Ray P. Authement College of Sciences

Marvin and Warren Boudreaux BORSF Professorship in Chemistry #2

Srivastava is a professor of chemistry. His research includes the development of novel metal complexes with catalytic properties. A primary focus is development of catalysts that are based primarily on metals such as iron and copper instead of more expensive and less common metals such as gold and silver. He also studies metal complexes capable of catalyzing the conversion of renewable feed stocks to biofuels.