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Expense Reimbursement Policy


This document serves to clarify the parameters for qualifying for travel reimbursement. It is the Foundation’s policy to assist in funding ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses when directly connected with Foundation or University business. All travel must be conducted in accordance with this policy to qualify for reimbursement.

Expense Reimbursement Policies
  • University employees traveling on University business are required to obtain advanced approval, as set forth in University travel guidelines and forms, prior to incurring any travel-related expense such as registration or reservation fees.
  • Employees are required to exercise prudent business judgment for all expenditures.
  • Internal Revenue Service valid business expense deductibility guidelines must be complied with.
  • All donor-imposed restrictions must be complied with.
  • Per-diem reimbursements from the Foundation are not allowed. Reimbursements shall be made based upon actual expenditures incurred, and detailed evidence is required of same.
  • Copies of detailed/itemized receipts along with appropriate business purpose documentation are required for all expense reimbursements.
  • Detailed food receipts for meals involving multiple persons must be appended to include a notation of the name of all guests along with a brief explanation of the business purpose or goal.
  • Alcohol is not reimbursable unless part of a gift basket or incurred during a meal or special event that is being provided for a business guest with whom we have, or are attempting to establish, bona fide business ties. The detailed receipt must include a notation of the name of the gift recipient/reason for the gift, or in the case of meals or special events, the names of all guests along with a brief explanation of the business purpose.
  • Spousal (or life partner) expenses are not reimbursable unless a significant bona fide business purpose is being fulfilled by the spouse/partner. Advanced approval must be obtained to affirm the spouse/partner’s business role.
  • Though the cost of lodging varies with location, lodging accommodation costs should not exceed the average for a 4-star hotel within the destination area.
  • Airline travelers must utilize coach class. Rebooking or change fees will be reimbursed for emergency situations only.
  • While travelling, shuttles and public transportation should be utilized whenever possible. If not practical, car rentals should be for intermediate-sized cars or smaller, unless 3 or more people are traveling together (or unless an upgrade is provided by the rental company at no cost).
  • Travelers may utilize personal cars for business travel if it is less expensive than the combined cost of airfare, car rental, and alternate transportation. The use of personal cars for business travel will be reimbursed at an amount not to exceed the IRS standard mileage rate (subject to University-imposed ceilings). The standard rate shall include all auto costs (e.g. gasoline, repairs, insurance, etc.) other than parking or toll road fees (which are separately reimbursed).
  • Travelers may participate in award point programs and utilize the rewards for personal purposes. However, participation in these programs may not result in any incremental cost to the Foundation.
  • Donations are not reimbursable to an employee (the Foundation must pay the charitable organization directly to ensure the donation receipt is not issued in the employee’s name).
  • Miscellaneous expenses are reimbursable only when ordinary and necessary to accomplish an official business purpose. The business purpose should be noted on the reimbursement request.
  • The Foundation Chief Executive Officer shall have final decision-making authority for approving or disallowing any unusual expense reimbursement to be paid from Foundation funds.
  • Completed expense reports must be submitted for reimbursement to the Foundation (along with detailed receipts and required documentation) within 45 days of the underlying expenditure (travel or otherwise).

For questions regarding this policy, please contact the UL Foundation office at (337) 482-0700.