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Types of Gifts

Gifts may be made in a variety of forms including cash, securities, and real estate, or planned gifts (such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, etc.). Gifts to UL Lafayette are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code. The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation tax identification number is 72-6023836.

Direct gifts- whether cash, check or via credit card- are critically important to UL Lafayette because they can be put to work immediately, increasing their impact and extending their reach.

Cash Gifts

Contributions can be made to UL Lafayette by:

1. Check, payable to "UL Lafayette Foundation," and mailed to:

UL Lafayette Foundation
P.O. Box 44290
Lafayette, LA 70504-4290

2. Credit card online at

Giving online through our secure online giving system will allow us to address the university's most urgent needs today.


In-Kind Gifts

Gifts-in-kind are donated tangible and intangible assets and property. Examples include real estate, artwork, limited partnership interest, equipment, books, inventory, royalty or copyright interests, notes and mortgages, and other physical assets that represent value to the University.

For more information regarding gifts-in-kind, please contact

Real Estate Gifts

Here are some reasons you may want to consider a gift of real estate:

  • You would like to make a gift to UL while retaining your cash and liquid assets.
  • You are discouraged from selling appreciated property because of substantial capital gains tax liability.
  • You own rental or commercial property that has become a management burden.
  • You are considering moving to a smaller home or retirement complex.
  • You would like to receive lifelong income from your property.

Five ways to make a gift of real estate

  1. Outright gift.
  2. Gift with retained life use.
  3. Give your residence, vacation home, farm, or other real property to UL and continue to use it during your and your spouse's lifetimes.
  4. Life income agreement. Give your property to a trust naming UL Lafayette as the remainder beneficiary. The trust sells the property and invests the proceeds, paying you an income for life.
  5. Bargain sale. Sell your property to the university at a reduced price and you will receive both cash and an income tax charitable deduction.
  6. Gift by bequest in your will.

How you can use real estate to fund a life income agreement

An example:

Mrs. Broussard wants to make a gift to UL Lafayette to establish a named endowment in her favorite college, the College of Education, at the University, but her limited annual income prevents her from making a cash gift.

She has property that was purchased 35 years ago, and the knowledge of a large capital gains tax has kept her from selling the property and reinvesting the proceeds. By using this property, valued at $125,000, to fund an 8% life income trust, Mrs. Broussard makes a gift to the university and increases her annual income at the same time.
Her benefits include:

  • Additional income for life, initially about $10,000 annually
  • A current income tax charitable deduction
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax on the property when it is sold
  • Reduction of any future estate taxes
  • Elimination of management concerns and property taxes
  • Membership in the Louisiana Heritage Society™
  • A gift to UL Lafayette after her lifetime to endow a scholarship in her name in her favorite college, the College of Education.

For more information about a gift of Real Estate to UL Lafayette, please contact the Office of Development at (337) 482-0922 or


While many donors commonly make gifts of cash, a growing number take advantage of contributing gifts of long-term appreciated securities to support the educational goals of UL Lafayette.

Advantages of Gifts of Securities

  • You receive an income tax deduction based on the market value of the security at the time of the gift.
  • You avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities.
  • You can direct your gift for any purpose at UL Lafayette.
  • You can fund a life income gift and potentially receive a greater income.

Valuing Gifts of Securities

The value of a gift of securities is the average of the high and low trading prices on the date of your gift. The date of your gift is determined based on how it is made.

  • By mail…it is the postmark date.
  • By overnight carrier…it is the date of receipt by UL Lafayette.
  • By electronic transfer…it is the date the security is received into the UL Lafayette Foundation's brokerage account.
  • By re-registering the security into UL Lafayette Foundation's name…it is the date on the new certificate(s).

The UL Lafayette Foundation will issue a receipt for your tax Stocks and Bonds

If the certificate(s) are held by you:

  1. Send your certificate(s) by certified mail or by overnight carrier, without any endorsement, assignment or other notations to the UL Lafayette Foundation, P.O. Box 44290, Lafayette, LA 70504-4290.
  2. Enclose a letter stating the purpose of the gift.
  3. In a separate envelope, using the same carrier as used with the certificate(s), send a stock/bond power endorsed in blank; that is, filling in only your signature but no other information. Your name should appear EXACTLY as it does on the face of the certificate(s). If possible, include a copy of the letter you sent with your certificate(s).

If you wish to donate only a portion of the shares represented by the certificate(s), the Foundation will complete the transaction and re-register the remaining shares back to you. In your letter, please indicate the social security number and the complete name of the registered shareholder. Please also confirm the mailing address for re-registering the remaining shares.

If the securities are held by a bank or broker:

1. You can authorize your bank or broker in writing that you wish to make a gift/transfer _____(number of) shares of ________(name of security) to be designated to the UL Lafayette Foundation for the purpose of _________________________.

Provide your bank or broker with UL Lafayette Foundation’s electronic transfer instructions, which you may obtain online at:

Other information regarding gifts of securities:

The UL Lafayette Foundation tax identification number is 72-6023836.

The UL Lafayette Foundation’s legal address is:

UL Lafayette Foundation
P.O. Box 44290
Lafayette, LA 70504