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University's first deanship still creating an impact

In early 2021, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LHC Group and the Myers Family Foundation announced a historic and transformational partnership designed to further each of their respective missions of recruiting and equipping more nurses and other health care professionals.

The University announced that LHC Group is committing a
$20 million investment over the next 10 years in the University’s nursing program, which is the largest private investment an academic unit at the University has ever received.

As a part of the LHC Group investment, the College of Nursing & Health Sciences was able to establish the University’s first endowed deanship to provide discretionary funds for strategic priorities, such as faculty development, research, student activities and outreach efforts.

“We are grateful to LHC Group for the establishment of the deanship and their continued support of the College of Nursing & Health Sciences,” Interim Dean Dr. Lisa Broussard said. “The establishment of this deanship for our college underscores the importance of ensuring that we are equipped to handle the varied needs of our students and faculty.”

An additional critical investment by LHC Group is the endowed simulation lab program, which supports the internationally accredited simulation program. This funding enables the college to maintain state-of-the-art technology that maximizes the student experience, including virtual reality and the latest in high-fidelity simulation.

“Through the deanship, we’ve replaced much-needed equipment, provided professional development for faculty and students and hosted activities and events. All of these enhance our college’s offerings and positively impact student outcomes,” Broussard said.

Lafayette-based LHC Group is a national provider of in-home health care services and innovations for communities around the nation and the joint venture partner for approximately 400 leading U.S. hospitals and health systems. The company operates in 35 states and the District of Columbia and employs approximately 30,000 people.