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Meet Student Philanthropy Ambassador Harleigh Price '20

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Harleigh Price is a computer art and animation major in the College of the Arts and plans to graduate in 2020.

She is involved in the Association of Future Alumni as the Assistant Director of Philanthropy, is an honors student, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement. Harleigh is from Morgan City, Louisiana.

Harleigh is one of the University's student callers for the Fall 2018 phonathon.

UL Lafayette Phonathon Student Caller Harleigh PriceWhat do you enjoy about being a student caller?

The ability I have to make an impact on my University and on alumni. It is amazing to hear stories from alumni and be able to share our love for UL Lafayette.

What has surprised you about your experience as a student caller?

The ease of talking with alumni over the phone and being able to relate to anyone from any background based off our experiences at UL Lafayette, no matter the difference in age.

Why is alumni support important for the advancement of the University?

The phonathon is an opportunity to show alumni how important they are to our University. Without our students, past and present, there wouldn’t be a University. The more pride we can instill within alumni and students, the more advanced as a community UL Lafayette will become. That means more acts of philanthropy, higher enrollment, and more prestigious degrees.

Why should alumni and friends answer their phones when they receive a call or text from UL Lafayette?

Not only will we be able to update their contact information, but alumni and friends will also get a chance to discuss their experiences at UL Lafayette with a current student and find out about improvements here on campus. We make sure to tell them that they are always welcome to visit their alma mater and learn more about the advancements of the University.

How have your conversations with alumni and friends changed your outlook on your own college experience?

It has made me appreciate my professors, my campus, and my friends more than before. Everyone always says how they would have slowed down and enjoyed the moment, and it helps remind me to do the same.

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