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Spring 2019 Phonathon

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Decades of giving back: South Louisiana Mid-Winter Fair

The South Louisiana Mid-Winter Fair Association, though known for putting on some of South Louisiana’s best rodeos,

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Celebrating with support: The Lafayette Bar Association

To commemorate the organization's 50th anniversary, the Lafayette Bar Association has established a non-endowed scholarship for two incoming first-year students who will be studying at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Savoy Shrimpapalooza Study Abroad Scholarship

Alumnus Tyler Savoy and his wife Lauren established the Savoy Shrimpapalooza Study Abroad Scholarship and raise funds for it by hosting an annual shrimp boil at their home in Washington D.C.

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The Spring Phonathon kicks off on Feb. 22 and student callers will be contacting alumni and friends to update their contact information, chat about campus happenings, and solicit critical financial support for UL Lafayette’s academic college.

“I have come to realize that now more than ever, the success of our University is increasingly dependent on self-generated funds,” said Stan Hardee, a UL Lafayette donor and Foundation board member. “When you get a call from a UL Lafayette student during the fundraising campaign, keep in mind that your contribution is pegged to your University’s future. Please don’t turn that student caller down, but rather make that donation as an investment in your University.”

During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, almost 30,000 alumni and friends took the time to speak with one of our student callers. Student callers developed valuable professional skills while raising $234,000 in critical funding for our campus community.